How To Share Google Calendar

Tired of racking your brain hard to remember your schedules?

Tired of missing those important dates with your crush because you cannot remind her?
Then this article is specifically written for you as we are going to look at how you can share the Google Calendar.

Yes, you heard me right; you can now share your calendar with your friends, date, co-workers, create a calendar that several individuals like your family members can edit, and even add an assistant to your calendar to help with your schedules.

As you already know, the world is evolving rapidly and developing in terms of technology and digitalization.

Mind-blowing innovations are being made on daily basis and there is absolutely nothing that has not been digitalized even the calendar. Wow

The Google Calendar was introduced in July 2009 to help users keep track of their schedules, get reminders on meetings and appointments, and can even share such schedules with others from their Google Calendar account.

The Google Calendar make use of your Google e-mail address to access your account and there is a mobile application available for easy accessibility. However, if you want to share your Google Calendar; ensure you are accessing your Google

Calendar account from a computer system and not from the mobile app that does not include the sharing features.

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How to share

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1. On your Google Calendar Account, find and click on the “My Calendars” section.

2. Select a Calender you will like to share and click the “Action button/three dots” and locate the “Setting and Sharing” button.

3. There are two sharing options: Sharing broadly and Sharing Individually

  • Sharing broadly

    To share a calendar broadly, locate “Access permissions” then tick the boxes on how you want to share the calendar and adjust permissions in the drop-down-menu button. This is just like you making your Calendar public and even people without a Google Calendar account will be able to access it.

  • Sharing Specifically

    To share specifically with a certain set of people or a person, Click the “Add People” under the “Share with specific people” button. Only people with a Google Calendar account you have added will be able to access it.

4. The next thing is to enter the e-mail address or addresses of the receiver/receivers as the case may be, you want to share the Calendar with. You can also adjust their permissions in the drop-down menu such as changing sharing setting, changing events, find all event details and so on.

5. Click Send and a notification will be sent to the receiver of the Calender

You can also share a calendar you do not own by asking the owner to change your access to the “Make changes and manage to share” of the calendar then follow the above instructions.

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Be watchful of the permission you access to others as some of them can give the ultimate capacity to your schedules to the extent of altering them, taking your place in important meetings and appointments, and sharing your calendars.


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