How To Share Kindle Books

As a saying goes ,

The freedom of a man is found in between the pages of a book”

This shows the significance of reading to mankind and the inevitable destruction of anyone who neglects the power of going through a book.

Over time, people have been purchasing books in stores, borrowing from friends, and even passing books from one generation to another as a means of acquiring books.

With the introduction of global digitalization, these means of acquiring books have been suppressed and books known as e-books could now be gotten from online stores websites.

One of the best-known sites for quality e-books in the world is the Amazon Kindle powered by Amazon. In addition to the website version, the Amazon Kindle also exists in the form of e-reader devices such as tablets to enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books without the collections of papers.

Interestingly, it is also possible to share and loan books to other Amazon Kindle users.

Wondering how to do this? TipsMint got you covered below

Sharing books on Amazon Kindle can be done in two ways:

  • Using the Recipient e-mail address
  • Through the use of the Family Library

Note: You cannot share all your books on Amazon Kindle before you try to share you can endeavour to check the book loan eligibility by following the subsequent instructions

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Using the Recipient e-mail address

Locate the book then click on the three dots at the left side of the book title; if you can share it, you will see the option “Loan this title” otherwise it will not appear.

After you might have confirmed the loan eligibility then you can share the book through the following steps:

  • Click on “Manage your Content and Devices” and locate the book title you want to share.

  •  You will see an “Action Button”, click on it and select the “Loan this title”.


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  • Enter the recipient’s e-mail address and your optional message (to let the person know more about the book)

then “Send”.

  •  After sending it, a notification will be sent to the recipient to inform them of the loan.

Note: You cannot read a book you loan out/ share using this method during the loan period.

  • Using the Family Library

If you want to share a book with your family members, then you might want to consider creating a Family Library. The Family Library on Amazon allows for a maximum of two adults and up to four children.

To do this:

Create an Amazon Household account and send out invitation e-mail to your desired members.

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Once this account is approved by Amazon, the books will be automatically shared among members.

These are the two easy ways for you to exchange books among your friends and families without any hassle.

There is “love in sharing,” they say, so why don’t you consider giving your friends and siblings a taste of that interesting online novel of yours?

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