Smelling nice is a necessity for everyone regardless of age, race, complexion et al.

Have a nice scent around you drives attention to you as people would love their nostrils to be filled with the bliss of your nice scent.


‌Moreover, smelling nice doesn’t require you going bankrupt or penniless as you can smell nice even with the little you have on you


How to smell nice.


Cleanliness is the preeminent hack to smelling nice, cleanliness involves

Taking your bath regularly, at least twice in a day, with this you wash off the sweat at any other secretion harbouring those bacteria that births foul smell.


Wearing neat outfit, make sure all forms of clothing you’re putting on is neat, sweat and body secretions produces body odour, even if your outfit is not stained or dirty, it shouldn’t be re-worn.


Stay exposed to fresh hair.

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Do well to ensure that you don’t put on outfit that are too tight or thick when the weather is hot, it obstructs penetration of air to our skin thereby causing odour.


Put on Deodorants or antiperspirant.

Deodorants and antiperspirants helps you stay fresh and also play a huge role in getting rid of body odour.


Use of Scents, Perfumes, mist and the likes.

When the above listed have been adhered to, you can top your body scent up with any of the listed. Moreover, a mixture of two different scents is bliss.

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Here are specific spots to apply your spray.







Drinking water regularly.

Drinking water regularly helps to dilute unpleasant smell, so taking water regularly makes the smell stay far away.


In conclusion, smelling nice isn’t a big deal, it just requires a little investment of your time an money and it brings you attraction and respect in return.

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