Algebra seem to be difficult but if simple basics are well understood, you get to solve it effortlessly.

Algebra is an aspect of mathematics that deals with mathematical symbols and the rules to manipulating these symbols.
In algebra we have constant and variables and either is usually represented with X or Y

Algebra seem to be difficult but if simple basics are well understood, you get to solve it effortlessly.

That takes us to how to do Algebra expression.

Look at this.
5x² + 4y + c
Is an example of algebraic expression.

Solving algebraic expression simply means simplifying the expression.

Take a look at these examples

13x + 5y + 4x
To simplify this, you collect like terms.
I.e 13x – 4x + 5y
= 9x + 5y


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x² – 2x -3
This cannot be simplified like the initial because it doesn’t have any like terms and this could be also referred to as quadratic equation.

To simplify this, you factorise.

In factorising you get two numbers which multiply to give you -3 and add up to give -2.
The numbers would be -3 & +1
Then you go ahead to substitute
x² – 3x +1x – 3
You then split into bracket
(x² – 3x) (1x -3)
Then factorise
x (x – 3) +1(x -3)
NB: the two brackets must include the same number, alphabet and symbol.

Your final answer will then be…
(x+1) (x-3)

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2b (a + 4)
To simplify algebraic expressions like this, you expand.
2b (a +4)
(2b×a) + (2b ×4)

Note that if an Algebraic expression consist of one or more symbols… You apply the BODMAS rule

B ✓✓ Bracket
O ✓✓ of/order
D ✓✓ Division
M ✓✓ Multiplication
A ✓✓ Addition
S ✓✓ Subtraction

Check out the expression and solve according to this

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E.g 2x + 15x ÷ 3 -2x
Since according to BODMAS, we are to divide first

2x + 5x -2x
We then go ahead to add
7x – 2x
Then our final answer is 5x

Like I stated before, Algebraic expression isn’t a big deal once the basics is well understood.

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