Congratulations! Your Monthly 3GB data plan has been successfully renewed.

Is this the kind of notification message you always get unexpectedly. Today, we will show you how to cancel auto-renewal on your MTN line.

We know the feeling and drowsiness losing what you never planned for might caused even more from this Network Providers as there’s high probability the unexpected purchase can never be overturned.

We all know the auto-renewal feature was added to automatically renew your expired data bundle plan and ease you the stress of subscribing manually every time you want to purchase new data.

But most times, you don’t want it that way, right? All you want is to subscribe anytime you want to.

However, we’ve come with ways you can deactivate auto-renewal for several subscription Plans on your MTN line. Keep scrolling.

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On MTN
Firstly, dial *123*5*1# and reply 2 to check your existing plan. Now check out the list of MTN data plans in Nigeria and copy the subscription code.

  • After that, send the NO+Subscription code to 131. For example, to cancel auto-renewal on MTN daily plan (100MB), SMS NO104 to 131. And you will be unsubscribed from the Auto-Renewal

The 2-Day Data Plans

200MB for N200 can be canceled from auto-renewal by texting “NO113” to 131.

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If it was 2GB for N500 that you subscribe
to on your smartphone. Just send “NO154”
to 131 to cancel the auto-renewal.

How to Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN Weekly Plans
To cancel auto-renewal on 350MB for
the N300 weekly data plan. Simple send
“NO102” to 131. If it was 750MB for N500 you subscribe for, just send “NO103” to 131 to cancel the auto-renewal weekly plan.

Monthly Plans
To cancel auto-renewal on MTN 1.5GB for
1,000 Naira Just sends “NO106” to 131.
If it was the 2GB for the N1200 data plan
option you choose, simply send “NO130” to
131. 4.5GB For N2000 can also be canceled by sending “NO110” to 131

How to cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN Callertunes
When you call someone who have activated the MTN caller tunes, you will have a good ringtone. Though, people subscribe unknowingly and just experience deduction of charges on their balance before knowing what actually caused that.

To avoid such, this is how you can deactivate it

Just send “N0” to 4100.

How To Cancel MTN GoodyBag Data Plan.
MTN Network chooses to launch this data plan for everyone who wishes to use data for a particular social media.

Perhaps, you might have subscribed to any of these social media bundle and want to cancel the auto-renewal.

Here’s how you can cancel the auto-renewal in all the active social media

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN Facebook Bundle
If you currently have a Daily Facebook bundle in which you want to unsubscribe from – Send “STOPFBD” to 131.

For the Weekly Facebook Bundle Plan, send “STOPFBW” to 131 and send “STOPFBM” to 131 for the Monthly Plan

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Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN Twitter Bundle
To cancel auto-renewal for Twitter Daily Bundle, send “STOPTWTD” to 131 and
for Twitter Weekly Bundle – SMS “STOPTWTW” to 131. If it was the Twitter Monthly Bundle, just send “STOPTWTM” to 131 to cancel auto-renewal

How to Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN Instagram Bundle
To cancel auto-renewal on MTN Daily Instagram plan just send “STOPINSD” to 131
MTN Weekly Instagram bundle can be deactivated by sending “STOPINSW” to
131 and Monthly Instagram Plan can be deactivated by sending “STOPINSM” to 131.

How to Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN Whatsapp Bundle
MTN Daily Whatsapp bundle can be canceled from auto-renewal by sending
“STOPWAD” to 131.

MTN Weekly Whatsapp bundle can also be canceled from auto-renewal by sending “STOPWAW” to 131 and Monthly auto-renewal can be canceled by simply sending “STOPWAM” to 131.

It is important to note that after your subscription, a notification message always arrive in your inbox to notify you of your successful subscription.

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Most times, they later send you the codes for auto-renewal of the plan with codes for its cancellation of course. Always take note of that.

There are also general codes that helps you stop any auto-renewal plan in your line. Just dial *131*1*9#.

In Conclusion, these are verified codes to unsubscribe from the daily, weekly and monthly plans we all do time to time. You should however note that any of those codes are subjected to change(s) anytime by MTN.

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