Snoring is when the nasal cavity is blocked, this is because air doesn’t flow freely to the through the nose and throat.
The sound produced is due to surrounding tissues’ vibration.

What causes snoring?
The following can lead to that loud noise when someone is asleep beside you;

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  • Age
  • Overweight
  • Nasal & sinus problem
  • Smoking
  • Wrong sleep posture :Sleeping on your back instead of your side.

Solution to snoring
Before you can stop snoring, you need to know what exactly what’s causing it.this is why you need to record yourself and check how you opened your mouth and sleeping position.
So to stop snoring, try to do the following

  1. Elevate your head for easy breathing
  2. Sleep on your side not back
  3. Lose weight if you are overweight
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Watch what you eat before sleeping
  6. Make sure you exercise regularly
  7. Make use of anti-snoring pillow
  8. Get air purifier and humidifier
  9. Make use of mandibular advancement device
  10. Make use of nasal dilations and clear your nostril from time to time.

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Snoring is annoying for anyone sleeping close to you, it also reduces the quality of sleep and can affect relationship if one of the partner is a snorer, try the above mentioned tips to stop snoring, however If any of those doesn’t work, you can get separate bedroom though that’s not the best option

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