7 Tips on How To Stretch Jeans

A new pair of jean can be overly frustrating, either they are a way tighter or a way too free. They seldom fit in, perfectly.

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In this episode, I will be teaching you how to make the best out of your new jean stuff without making blunder, or breaking out like another new cockle-doo. We have trapped in some new ideas on how to stretch your jeans.

Wet Your Jeans before Stretch

Katie Brown literally said “Take a spray bottle, fill it with warm water, and liberally mist your jeans front to back” I support this, I think it helps the jean fabric to reduce its rigidity. Hence, prone to expansion. Afterward, pull on the areas you intend to stretch then put it on, yeah, put on wet jean until they dry.

Blow Heat into Jeans Areas

You can as well use a blow dryer to do the trick, by blowing heat into the areas you want to stretch, you weaken the fabrics, then you can pull out the areas you want stretched.

Use Waistband Stretcher

In InStyle Lana Blanc, a professional NYC-based stylist said ““All you have to do is wet the waistband with lukewarm water (make sure it’s damp), insert the stretcher, and turn the handle to expand. I like to leave it inserted overnight, or if you need more than an inch, you could check back in and give it a few more turns every few hours.”  Clearly in her words, she has been doing this for past years and she seems sure and confident such process will work.

Stretch and Pull

“I lay the jeans over my head and pull them. Think of a scarf draped over your head, each end covering your ears, I then grab the ends of the jeans with one hand, use the opposing hand to hold the other half of the material steady on my head, and then stretch and pull!”

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These were Horton words InStyle. Although none of my jean had either snug between my thighs before and neither have I had the cause to pull out jean over my head, but I can bet this trick will work. This is like providing a balance and strength that enforces the pull. Howbeit, hold firm to the jeans as long as you can, repeat this process as much as you can until you are satisfied.

Insert a Form Roller into Legs

Amber Alexandria, a celebrity stylist, suggest you spread the jean on a flat surface, spray it to the thigh level until it is wet. Wet also the bottom of the pocket to the knee, front and back, and insert a foam roller into the le for 10-15 minutes.

Bake Your Jeans

And lastly, we will be looking at the procedure recommended by Daniel Sanchez, creative director of Blush Mark. He describes “baking” jeans as wetting of jeans with lukewarm salt water or vodka, putting them on and sun drying you both. “Make sure to break them in throughout the ‘baking’ process. Squat, bend down, stretch and practice your cartwheels/handstands (if you can)!” Sanchez says. “The end result will be a pair of stretch jeans that are now molded to your body, while still utilizing the natural stretch of your favorite denim for max comfort.”

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