The face is a sensitive part of the body,due to the numbers of sebaceous glands found there.

Too little of it can cause dry face and too much of it leads to acne and pimples breakout.

The following are food substances good for the face.

  • Tea tree oil
  • Turmeric
  • Tomato
  • Milk & honey
  • Rose water
  • Raw tomato
  • Honey & cinnamon

Tomato is good for the face

So how do you take care of the face?

1.wash your face once or twice in a day, avoid scrubbing.
It can get the skin irritated.

2. Don’t burst acne as it can lead to breakout of infection, reddened and swollen skin.
In case of severe acne breakout,visit a dermatologist to know the right treatment for the face.

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3. Avoid wearing make-up overnight,dispose spoilt and expired ones.

4. Sleep on clean pillow cases and bedsheet,this is because dirt on the face can increase incidence of infection on the face.

5. Don’t use skin products that blocks your pores.such product are labelled comedogenic product

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6. Remove old skin at least twice in a week, this gives your skin fresh and young look.

The process of removing dead skin is known as Exfoliation, don’t make use of harsh products. Example of an exfoliate you can get from home is table salt.

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Can you use anything on your Face?
Things you should never put on your face include hair spray, hot water, toothpaste,lemon, sugar,deodorant and lastly,baking soda.

Lemon is not suitable for the face

What are the things you can put on your face?
Moisturizer, spot treatment cream, lotions and sunscreen are suitable for your face.

You need to take care of the face as it is the first thing people will notice about you.

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