Since we are all unique individuals with taste, this post might not apply to all guys. However here’s a collection of traits you’d notice in an average good guy who liked you.

What attract a good guy?

Here are few things that men
1. They can’t resist a woman who knows how she wanted to be treated
2. Guys love women who invest in themselves and others.
3. They love women who are intelligent and full of ideas.
4. Men love women who are confident and not afraid to ask for what they want
5. Also, men love women who give to others and bring out the best in them

What type of ladies do men hate?

Here are 7 things any guy hate in a woman
  • Too emotional
  • Clingy

  • Fake life
  • Suspicious woman and going through his things
  • Untimely lifestyle
  • Talking too much
  • Nagging (lol both gender hate this habit)


How do you know if a guy likes you?

Here are ways you’d know if a guy likes you
1. He looks at you a lot
Like a lot! If he’s not breaking eye contact or positioning himself close to you.
Yeah! It’s a major sign he likes you
2. He smiles a lot and compose himself around you.
Does he adjust his tie just when you are walking towards him?does he smile around you?
Well that’s a cue he likes you
3. he stays off his phone with you around
Its difficult with the tech era we are, however a guy who likes you will be attracted to you that he prefers gusting with you than going online.
4. He treats you differently
A guy that likes you is always protective, defensive and  treat you specially when you are in  a group of your peers.
In conclusion, you don’t have to change who you are to please a guy, like trying to impress or twisting your character.
So here’s my candid advice, dear spinster stay true to yourself and the right guy will like and eventually love you. Thanks for reading…


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