The Durag dates back to the 1930s, it was used by African American women laborers and slaves to maintain their hairstyles. Later in the 1960s, the durag became a fashion among the African American and was worn especially by the athletes, rappers and men of all ages.

No one would ever thought that the Durag would surface again after it became unpopular in 2000 and banned in some American region afterwards. Today, the durag transitioned from a haircare item into a legit style accessory.

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Apart from the durag being a fashion object, there are real hair benefits to wearing one while you sleep. Keeping your hair covered with a durag at night stops oil from your hair from making it onto your face and your pillow, which prevents breakouts in your hair.

If you are looking for how to tie your Durag, this post is exclusively what you need to see. Explained below is the step by step guide on to how to nicely tie your Durag.

Steps to tying a Durag

1. Turn the durag inside out so that the seam in the middle is sticking up on the outside of the durag

2. Place the durag on your head like a hood where the flap hangs along your neck lying flat and the front sits comfortably just above your eyebrows.

3. Tie each string together at the back of your head tightly enough so that it doesn’t fall off. However, it shouldn’t be too tight because of headache.

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4 Take one string in each hand and cross them at your forehead so they return to the back of your head on the opposite side. Tie the strings at the back of your head into a knot and straighten the fabric.

See video to learn more.

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