Burns are damages to the skin due to fire, electricity , chemicals and even sun.

About 1.5 million cases of burn are reported every year which is measured by the degree of the burn.

Types of burns

There are primary types of burns and they include:
1. First-degree burn
It is also known as superficial, red & non-blistered skin.
It heals without scarring

2.second-degree burn
Blisters are formed and thickening of skin, it might take up to three weeks.
There’s no scarring but changes in pigment of skin is noticeable.

3. Third-degree burn
Thickening of skin is observable which covers a large area of the skin with white or leathery appearance. This type of burn are not so painful due to nerve damage.

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The most severe been third degree and the lesser is first degree.

What causes burns

The following can result in burns
1.scalding from hot or boiling liquids
2. Fire
3. Excess exposure to sun
4. Electrical burns
5.chemical burns etc.

Treatment of burns

This will depend on the type of burn involved:
A. Treatment of first degree burn
1.soak the wound in cool water for up to 5 minutes.
2. Take paracetamol for pain relieve.
3. Apply aloe Vera gel and lidocaine to soothe the skin

B. Treatment of second-degree burn
1. Run skin under cool water for up to 15 minutes
2. Follow procedure in treatment of first degree
However, seek for medical treatment if the burn extends to face, buttocks, gown, feet etc.

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C. Treatment of 3rd degree burn
1. Don’t attempt to treat this type of burn yourself
2. Seek medical aid by dualling the emergency number 121
3. While waiting for medical aids, raise the injury above your heart and don’t allow the clothing to get sticker on it.

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  • Apply ice on a burn
  • Never rub cotton balls on a wound as there is risk of infection once it got stucked.

Complications of burns include:
1. Sepsis
2. Tetanus
3. Hypothermia
4. Hypovolemia

Be careful to avoid burns, don’t touch hot items and stay away from excess exposure to sunlight.

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