A sentence is a group of words that makes a complete sense.
It usually ends with full stop (.).

There are four types of sentences, and they include:

1. Declarative sentence;It is used to make a statement or declare a fact

2. Interrogative sentence:It is used for questioning

3. Imperative sentence: It is used to show authoritativeness and command

4. Exclamation sentence:It is used to show exclamation

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Usually sentences are grammatically linked words.

Amid is a preposition which means generally, to be “surrounded by
However, it is worthy to know that both amid and amidst means the same thing, although amid is more common in British and American English usage.

So how do you use amid in a sentence?

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Amid is a preposition with two meanings:

1. It could mean “in the middle of or surrounded by

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  • Tayo looked for his friend amid the people
  • Kunle built a cage amid the banana tree

The first meaning of amid shows physical interactions.

2. It could mean “during, in the course of

  • We salute her courage amid the crises
  • He continued his work amid depression

The second meaning here shows a connection between time and give idea of something of a happening against the background of another thing entirely.

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