E-tools are software solutions that help ease various tasks involving using Gadgets(Android, Laptop PC, etc). They are for specific uses and useful for daily tasks. Furthermore their purposes can’t be substituted for anything else

So How do you use E-tools?

I will say it depends on what you need

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  • Facebook

For instance, when it comes to E-tool for social needs. Could it be for friendship, a community of like minds or perhaps it is an online Business trading goods/services, the list is quite endless. To begin with, Facebook remains a top choice With over 2.5 billion users, as for starters the sky is the starting point. All you need to do is to open a Facebook account then connect with people by searching and purely interacting. If you need to advertise, there are ads run by Facebook at a low cost. Get an account to have access to these benefits

  • Google Keyword Planner

That very online jungle where it is survival of the fittest, a chance to be ranked top on Google searches. Think of the Google keyword planner as that key ingredient in making your website noticed. To use the tool, you enter your very keyword you’d use in any online copy you have then search. A result will show the data on how often people use that keyword as a plus It also comes with filters for time and location for the keyword. It is that simple to use

  • Plagiarism Checker

If you write and want to keep your work spotless of Plagiarism, this is your tool. Just in case you need to use this, start by inputing your copy of the work on space provided and hit the check button. You will now be shown a result of how your piece has already existing phrases from others.  If you can make the necessary adjustments hence your work will be unique and plagiarism free. Smallseotool.com is link to a User friendly site. With wild array of SEO tools including a plagiarism checker. Feel free to explore

  • Grammer Checker

No piece is complete without correct grammar. Incorrect grammar will turn any reader off on encounter. To use the grammar tool Firstly, you paste or type your piece and check then after that you are innstantly shown in highlighted texts where your errors are, therefore making corrections easier for you. Moreover it comes with a corrective suggestion on what word or expression is correct. To get started, Grammerly is quite a tool and easy to use

  • Google Adsense

Do you seek a tool that will help you convert your traffic into money. Google Adsense is just the one you need. To use Google Adesense you have to

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  1.  Sign up your Google account on Adsense
  2. Input your phone number and postal address
  3. Connect your site to Google Adsense

Get started on Google Adsense

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What ever your needs are, there are countless tools to meet any need. More are developed everyday.

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