washing machine is a laundry machine used for washing fabrics,it makes uses of water-tub and detergent is added to the machine.

Types of washing machine

We Have different designs of the laundry washer and some of them include:

  • Oscillating agitator design:

This design operate by shaking and stirring.

  • Impeller type wash-tub:

This is the type of washing machine that creates a fast moving current of water along a toroidal path when washing.

  • Top-loading design:

This is type dominant in US & Canada, clothes are mounted vertically in a basket within a water-tub,the clothes are loaded on the top of the machine.

  • Front-loading washer:

It is dominant Europe, it mounts inner basket and clothes are collected through a door.

This door is at the front of the machine with transparent window.

  • Combo washer dryer:

This is the type of washing machine that has both dryer and washer in the same vacuum.

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Which one do you use at home??

How do you use washing machine?

Since we have different type, the way to use will defer slightly.

However, our focus today will be how to use a front-loading washing machine.

The first thing to put in place before using the machine is selecting the right detergent which can either be in powdered or liquid form.

Then try the following;

1.place your laundry into the drum of the washing machine leaving out enough space to close the door.

2.choose the right temperature for your wash, it is advisable to choose the Lowest one.

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3.spin laundry according to the texture, a delicate fabric will require a slower cycle

4. Close the door and allow the machine to wash, make sure you remove clean laundry for fresh air.

Don’t do the following when using a washing machine

1.Overloading your machine

2.Not emptying your pockets

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3.Using a lot of detergents

4.Leaving wet clothes in the machine for long


Hope this was helpful?

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