What is research paper?
Research paper is a piece of writing that provides analysis and argument based on research done.

One of the important skill a researcher should possess is how to summarize published works on a particular topic he/she is writing on.This is known as literature review.

Tools required for research paper

Some tools you will need to include;

Parts of a research paper

A research paper is made up of 7 parts, and they are:

1. Title
2. Abstract
3. Keywords
4. Introduction
5. Body
6. Conclusion
7. References

You need to have in-depth knowledge about the topic you will write on.Do so by  gathering materials and make it original.

You will also need an outline as well to serve as a guide when making your first draft.

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To start with;


This will include your name, Department, school and email.This is the first thing that will appear on your publication.


This is a short summary of your research paper.It is usually written after compilation of your research paper and it is usually between 150-300 words.

Abstract should be refined in the sense that you shouldn’t lift words directly from your paper.


Choose important noun in the research work, don’t include irrelevant words.

The purpose of using keywords is to make your research searchable.Hence it should capture the entire content of your paper.

It is advisable your keywords should be around 4-5 words.


Your introduction should be enticing enough for readers

Also, it should answer the questions ‘What, why and how’.


Organize your body, be careful not to discuss two paragraphs for the same topic,

Rather you can approach differently.

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Make the readers understand how you’ve gathered your point and settle the issue raised in the introduction.

Don’t offer new information nor should it take more space than necessary.


References should be up to date including the year, topic of publication and name of author.

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What next?

You can edit your paper again, this is known as second draft. is often ensures the research paper is tailored to the topic chosen.

Revise & proofread your work, and finally submit your paper to your preferred journal.

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