Do you wish to zip a file in your Android Phone? Then, this post is for you.

Files are zipped to allow for the proper organization during transmission from one person to another over the internet.

A zipped file means compressed data. Data compression helps to save time and space and also makes downloading the software faster.

But how do you zip a file using an Android phone?  Follow the process below to zip your file

  • Download ES Explorer From Here

Using any of your phone browsers, download the latest version of the ES Explorer. This is how it looks

  • Launch The App

After downloading the app on your phone, launch the app and you will get an interface like the one shown below. Click on the area highlighted with a red rectangle

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  • Click on Your Document Folder

On clicking the area, you will get the page below where you will select the folder in which the document you want to zip is located.

  • Select the Document You Want To zip

After opening the folder, long-press the document you want to zip and it will be marked as shown in the image below. Then, click on the area highlight red.

  • Compress Your File

On clicking the area, the options in the image below will come up. Click on “Compress”

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  • ZIP Your File

On clicking on “Compress”, the page below will show up. Click on the “Zip” and you can also secure the document by putting your desired password. Then press OK


  • Your Zipped File Is Ready

After pressing OK, the zipped file will be in the same folder as the document you zipped. An example is shown below

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And that is the way to zip a file using an Android phone.

Do you know any other application that can be used to zip files in an Android phone?

Comment your idea below for others to learn

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