I’m Abdulwasih, Otherwise known as Philomath, The Writing Mathematician.

A writer/blogger/programmer/graphics designer from the department of Mathematics, University of Ilorin.

I’m a typical Yoruba guy that like eating Semovita and vegetable soup.

I was having this urge to eat Semovita and as usual, I went to the market to get all the ingredients I needed for making nice vegetable soup.

They usually say guys are bad at cooking but the case is in reversed for me, I may not be really good at cooking but at least, I’m trying my best and I’m better than some other girls.

Let me continue jare, don’t mind me.

After I’ve gotten my required ingredients, I set up for the tasks and in no time, I’ve prepared good and very delicious vegetable soup and also a very soft Semovita.

Wow, can I eat this Semovita alone without complementing it with something? Hell no!

I went out to get a drink, I was actually looking for Smoov Chapman, but I saw Bigi Chapman, I said to myself! Well, this one will work too.

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After I got home, I calmly consumed the food and was sipping my drink with it.

In no time, I was done with the food.

It was so delicious and I enjoyed it so much that I was sweating after I was done eating it.

Well, I took the plate to the kitchen and just dumped it somewhere, I went to shower and then to my bed to take a nap.

I slept off and woke up after 3hours.

After I woke up, I thought it would be nice to just go to the kitchen and wash the dishes.

After I got to the kitchen, I tried to wash the plates of Semovita but it proved impossible to do, why? What’s happening to these plates? Why can’t I just use sponge to scrub them and wash them easily.

I now discovered that I won’t be able to wash them easily unless I exercise patience and use water to dissolve the particles of Semovita that was hanging around them.

You know the mistake I made? I should have washed the plates immediately I finished eating, the particles were still soft, I could easily wash them, but I didn’t wash them at the right time, it now proved stubborn later and took lots of my time before I could wash them.

This might sound absurd, but let’s just try relating it with life.

My regret made me remembered graduates who are still struggling at the labor market today.

Lots of graduates are out there regretting and blaming themselves for not acquiring knowledge while in school, they had perfect opportunities to learn one skill or another, but instead of doing so, they solely focused on building their CGPA, they graduated with great CGPA but are still battling with unemployment today.

Some are forcing themselves to learn a skill now, something they could have easily achieved before they graduated from school.

Assuming they had learnt one or two digital skills while in school, life would have been a little easier for them now.

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I have asked myself over and over now, as I struggled later to wash the plates, I could have washed them earlier to save myself from stress, likewise students should endeavor to learn digital skills now that it is very easy for them, it might be hard after graduation from the institutions.

My fellow students! Life will not always go as we expect it to go, you just finish eating Semo now, kindly wash the plates, if you delay it any time longer, it might take you time and effort.

Check around you, choose any digital skill you can learn and make sure you perfect yourself in it.

Nice, you have a solid plan to fetch you work after your undergraduate, but why must you depend on the certificate for your well being.

Nobody is saying you shouldn’t read or you shouldn’t be serious, nobody is saying you shouldn’t depend on your certificate, but try to acquire knowledge on digital skills with your seriousness.

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Bro/sis, you aren’t in school to study alone, but to prepare yourself for years after campus, to prepare yourself for life after you’ve stepped out of that campus of yours.

You’re destined for the best, see you at the top.

Thanks for reading.

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