Nigeria Media Support For Good Music Is A Lie

Written by Wizardpen

A good music depicts fully the vision and lifestyle of its singer. Thus being a good music artiste is the most remarkable type of instructing. Recently my concern with a portion of the present music craftsmen(musicians) in media outlets is that they don’t have the important profundity expected to guide the Nigerian masses, the youths and most importantly solve nigeria’s problem.

A large portion of them are so shallow, common, materialistic and without fundamental qualities have inculcated deep into the fabrics of the people moral laxity and dance steps that cannot help change the problem of the people.

While it is horrifying to realize that some specialists of bad lyrics have influenced a large number of our adolescents negatively and fill them up with slangs and bad lifestyles, more disheartening is that they have hinder their improvement and growth as future leaders.

This then calls to question, Who might then train the adolescents esteems? Is it the Nigerian craftsmen, with the development of ethically bankrupt and shortage melodies?
Who will give us hope when all hope is lost? Who will sing and make us realize our problems and solutions? I question it!

The Nigerian sensationalist media are consistently specialized in advertising corrupt music videos and news about this craftsman by playing their music and further helping to propagate the tentacles of such artists in destroying the society’s morale, youths especially.

While little focus has been given to veteran artistes, Yinka, popularly known as yinka, and Abdulwaheed Isiaq popularly called theorist, who are constantly feeding the soul and mind of the people with music of hope relevant to the society’s contemporary needs.

Then I begin to wonder like a hill of a golden daffodils? Don’t we have good musicians. Can’t the Nigeria sensational newspapers to talk about Yinka and theorist? Can’t the Nigeria radio stations play their songs and can’t the Nigeria TV stations play their music videos.

When some musicians were busy encouraging youths to imbibe the act of yahoo, internet fraud and kidnapping, Yinka and Theorist were having sleepless nights producing music and videos in encouraging the youths to remain steadfast, courageous and hardworking. As if that wasn’t enough, when the pandemic disease called COVID-19, uninvitedly visited us with it monstrous head, everyone had lose hope, and governments were thinking of what to do.

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While people were afraid of dying anytime, Yinka and theorist were desperately looking for a way to cure the people’s fear, sorrow, sadness, and hallucinations. That the pandemic disease has not claim more lives than the current estimate, is not limited only to the actions of the Nigerian government but also credit must be given to Yinka and Theorist.

We must awake to the fact that Yinka and Theorist are making a multitude of young people determined to work hard and be successful legitimately .

Truth be told, Theorist happened to be the first African lecturer hip hop artiste. His lyrics, tunes, moves and dance steps are motivating another age of ethically upright young people, and it appears that youths would be glad to follow his legacy for a long period of time. let’s give this a thought between advocating for the call and propensity for masturbation, sexual assault, rape and life inside jail, or encouraging hard work with diligence, advancing safety measures and waging a war against rape and all form of sexual violence, which would you support?

Unfortunately, bad music craftsmen has ceaselessly been a wellspring of discussion and disarray in media outlets. Research has shown that clothing in youths, what they wear to church, at home and to school is directly related to the music they hear and watch most of the time.

From exhaustive examination, most young ladies don’t wear pants and bra, so also young men prefer wearing sliced jeans shouting please change me to wearing a decent cloth. This is really the level that bad music fever has driven numerous adolescents to. without mentioning names we all know who is who.

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We must atone this evil before it escalates than its current state. There are some music tunes that are wickedly propelled to crush the predetermination of the young people of this age. It is high time the Nigeria government, media outlets and we as a people join hands to together in promoting theorist and Yinka like songs.

In lieu of such, there are questions that we as a people must not evade. The type of music I listen to, what’s the singers lifestyle? What is the soul and inspiration driving his melodies? What message would he say he is lecturing? Of course you would realize that the role of academic vegetation in music as depicted by theorist who happened to be a lecturer in the university of ilorin cannot be overempasised.Watch out and confirm yourself in their Instagram handles. @Iam_theorist, @real_yinka.

It is high time we do not bury the gold but bury the sands. A time will come and we will need more gold but rain will come and wash away the sand. Let’s make the world a better place by supporting Yinka and Theorist while aso propelling the Nigeria media to give us a Theorist song or a Yinkas song. If possible both. The Nigerian media outlet must start to convey to the adolescent music with lucidity and scholarly profundity.

This is important as most artistes have pulled out all the stops, as the substance of their melodies presently rotate around nudities, snappy riches, savagery, drugs and a misguided feeling of ideal world.

My compassion goes out to everyone who believes in a better Nigeria. Bad music will continue to change the our world negatively, and turn upside down our beautiful moral ethics.

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We must be grounded, take a strong position to address the peril of bad music and listening to bad music craftsmen.

Each association and partners to whom the eventual fate of the country is vital must come out intensely to criticize any type of diversion that supports wrongdoing, nakedness, realism and maniacal moving advances.


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