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When there is inconvenience in the land, the community makes an arrangement and searches for a solution. In any case, when the difficulty is beyond the scope and understanding of the people, the older folks will consult the oracle. if the older folks are not successful in finding a solution, the most qualified people are those whom the deities have decided to speak with.

In such a situation, all the people would hope for is a soft penance requiring a sacrifice that could end the calamity that has befallen the land.

But what magnitude of sacrifice do we have to offer to put an end to rape? When some snakes with the poisonous venom has lose direction, what else can we do? It seems the whole word is not sleeping. As true as it is how much do we have to sacrifice? I believe in love but the world is no longer a safe place.

Despite age or sex, the effect of sexual brutality goes a long way past any physical wounds. The injury of being assaulted or sexually ambushed can be breaking, leaving you feeling frightened, embarrassed, and alone or tormented by bad dreams, flashbacks, and other terrible recollections.

The world doesn’t feel like a protected spot any longer. Perhaps this was what propelled Yinka and Theorist to produce a video and audio on rape. Atleast if the perpetrators of this wicked acts cannot read and write, they all have ears to hear and eyes to watch, learn and repent. Should they remain hardened, the concerted effort of all and sundry will surely uproot their continuous existence.

Present manifestations of abuse and rape typically require the entry, irrespective of whether it is vaginal, oral or ass-centric, to the section of the victim’s organ or to an area through coercion or without the permission of the alleged victim.

Although not excluding the abuse of men, rape is a gendered crime, and women are far more likely to be victimized than males. You may not understand the degree of harm that comes with rape until you fall a victim.

Only the old woman cooking with firewood in the hurt understands why her eyes kept producing water uncontrollably not those with eyes popped up and hands ready to eat.

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To someone whose once normal ordinary day-to-day life has been disrupted out of nowhere by a display of sexual viciousness, the injury, the fear, breaks long after one shocking assault. Just like a glass, the scars remain, except for a lucky patch.

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Should the snakes with the poisonous venom understands the havocs and degree of pains they caused their victims, perhaps, they would try to kill such feeling or thought of wickedness.

After being sexually harassed, molested and raped, the injuries ranges from physical, mental and emotional but not limited to psychological perepains. The after effect of rape is like the whistle that blows behind the bed at night. The whistle with a thousand tails.

Ranging from swelling and bleeding of the vaginal, discomfort in walking, aches and pains, fractured or dislocated bone, sexually transmitted diseases, but not limited to unwanted pregnancy.

While the victim may try to overcome the aforementioned, he or she may find it a herculean task fighting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that comes with rape: hallucinations, delusions, extreme distress, and uncontrollable thoughts;

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Except recently, we have failed to censure rape as uproariously as we should. We have all forgotten that enacting law alone won’t be sufficient except we change the way of life that permits rape attack to occur in any case.

I think we need to know that since nobody has ever deemed it fit to come up with a song or video against rape, Yinka and Theorist just did. To watch, follow on Instagram real_yinka and Iam_theorist

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