Hello, I’m Philomath, The Writing Mathematician.

At challenge today, I saw a lady who happened to be a student from University of Ilorin, I didn’t see her alone, but I saw something ridiculous about her, guess what that was?

She was putting on Unilorin tag (School ID card).

This girl was really pretty, but her using the school tag (ID card) to challenge was something that sounds ridiculous.

I know you should also reason with me that it was really ridiculous.

Well, some people were criticizing her, some were like… Why is this girl behaving like a small kid, why is she using the school tag all around, behaving like someone that has never being into school before.

I’m aware that right now, you will also be silently giving some hateful and hurtful comments about the girl, I know the feelings , well! What she did isn’t too cool, like…. Using the School ID card to challenge? That’s really ridiculous.

But, do you know the girl?

Let me tell you a little about her.

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Her name is Maryam, a very brilliant student who is academically sound and socially blessed.

Maryam lost her parent to fatal accident when she was 3years old, she didn’t have anybody to look after her and she has started working to get money to feed herself on her own at the age of 5, after she became 7years old, she started living with her Grandmother who is selling Kolanut to Northerners.

It was this her Grandma that is using the profit she makes from her business to feed her, clothe her and finance her education, she gave her a new life.

This girl has gone to bed without food time without numbers, she lacks parental care, she misses her mom, she misses her dad, she has nothing, she has been traumatized emotionally.

But despite all what she has passed through and the hardness she’s facing, her Grandma stood for her, her Grandma reassured her that hope is not lost and she will be her father and her mother.

Her Grandma has really been trying for her and she’s the reason why Maryam is in 300level in University of Ilorin now.

Maryam was in the lecture hall with the school tag on her neck while receiving lectures when she received a call from her Grandma’s number.


Caller: Hello Maryam, how’re you.

Maryam: Hello, Grandma, how’re you ma

Caller: This isn’t Grandma, this is Nurse Titi

Maryam: Oh, sorry ma, what are you doing with my Grandma’s phone

Caller: Your Grandma was rushed to our hospital yesterday night because she is having serious typhoid fever and we need to start administering drugs to her, you’re the only one that is close to her and only you know her bank details, you need to make some deposit before we start treating her, please come to the hospital soon so that we can start working on her as soon as possible.


Hearing this, Maryam couldn’t talk again, she was dumbfounded, she didn’t know whether she was alive or she’s dead already, she suddenly shouted in the class, she carried her bag, hurriedly left the lecture room, the lecturer was calling her, she didn’t answer, students started labeling her mad, some quickly uploaded on their social media that a student of University of Ilorin ran mad while receiving so so so lecture today, everybody was happy, they were laughing, the lecturer painted her as a mannerless lady, her friends couldn’t talk, they were dumbfounded.

But is it her fault? Her pillar is shaking! Her helper might die any time! The only family she has is seriously sick, her benefactor, her “father and mother” (grandma) is at the hospital and what is delaying her from being treated?

Yes! Maryam is delaying her from getting treatment! Maryam is killing her benefactor! Maryam thought about this while leaving the class and she was crying bitterly, despite how this woman has tried for me, is this what to repay her with, she said to herself.

She boarded a bus to Challenge from the school at once and in no time, she was at Challenge bustop where she’s now looking for a bus to board home to quickly save her Grandma.

She was so sad and scared, she didn’t have time to remove the school tag (ID card) from her neck at all, she was too tensed.

So, can you still blame her for using the school tag? Is she really mannerless as the lecturer proposed? Is she really mad as the students assumed? Was she ridiculous?


Now, let’s learn!

How many people like Maryam have you met? How many have you ruined with your sentiments?

Life isn’t perfect, and there are no perfections in humanity, before you crucify that person, have you ever put yourself in their shoes, have you ever imagined what might be going on in their life?

Philomath is this, Philomath is that, Philomath do this, Philomath did that, have you ever investigated what might be going on in his life? What might be causing what he’s doing?.

If people do things that seem weird to you, that doesn’t mean you should paint them black.

– You saw her going on a date with a guy or you saw her going to parties, you concluded that she’s a whore.

– He/She couldn’t make it to another level and had to drop out of the school, you discovered this and resulted into saying, why won’t that be? When he/she isn’t serious.

– You saw her wearing the same cloth for weeks, you were like…. See this stupid guy/girl, didn’t he/she have some other clothes to wear?

– She was a little sick, you have concluded that she’s pregnant already.

– You saw her asking question in class, that has automatically made her a proud girl.

– You saw him eating Item7, you concluded by saying he’s spending lavishly.

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– He’s using IPhone8, you concluded by saying he’s a yahoo guy.


Before you think of judging people base on what you see about them or what you think, please endeavor to put yourself in their shoes, know what they are passing through and what is keeping them going.

Everybody is unique and everybody has their reasons for any actions they take.

Stop back biting, stop poisoning your mind and stop poisoning people’s minds about others.

What Maryam did was ridiculous, but condition conditioned her to do that, the person you’re trying to judge and mock today might have done something that is ridiculous too, but does that make him/her bad? Condition can condition them to do it, be understandable and avoid quickly judging people based on the front-end proof, check out the backend proof too.

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I wish you the best.

If you think this piece can touch some lives, please kindly share it around, thank you.


(Note: This Writeup is a pure fictional story written by PhilomathTWM)

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