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How To Make Puff Puff 

Puff puff is dangerously delicious, and I cannot wait to show you how to make it. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS Warm water Active dry yeast All-purpose flour Sugar Salt Deep frying oil INSTRUCTION Mix sugar, salt, water and yeast . Set aside for 6 minutes. Add flour…

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How To Make Ogbono Soup 

  Hey guys!!! Here is how I prepare my delicious Ogbono soup which can be served with hot swallow of your choice. Well, my favourite is pounded yam. Enjoy! Ingredients Blended Ogbono Beef or Chicken stock Meat or Fish Stock Fish Salt Seasoning cubes Red…

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How To Make Chin Chin 

I will be showing you simple steps on how to make yummy chin chin. Something so crunchy, perfect for a midnight snack. INGREDIENTS All-purpose flour Peak milk Margarine Granulated sugar Ground nutmeg Eggs Water Vegetable oil DIRECTION: Make sure your all-purpose flour is sifted into…

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How To Make French Toast 

French toast is a super fascinating recipe which can be taken as breakfast or brunch. it is easy and quick. so let us get to it… INGREDIENTS 5 Thick bread slices large eggs (preferably 2) Milk Ground cinnamon Ground nutmeg Vanilla extract Salt DIRECTIONS Now,…

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How To Make Samosa 

Hey there, I don’t really know about you, but I am Nigerian and I cannot imagine a party without samosa. Samosa is one pastry that brings small chops to life! Oh and just in case you have no idea what small chops is, it basically…

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