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How’re you? How’s this Covid-19 Lockdown? I hope you’re practicing social distancing and also adhering the instructions of NCDC? Cool!

I’ve seen many BCs (Articles, Voice Notes, Pictures and Videos) aimed at propagating a fallacy that Covid-19 otherwise known as Corona Virus is caused by the installation of 5G network.

I wouldn’t want to talk much on it because I’m not a physics nerd, but I was dumbfounded when I stumbled upon the contribution of Mr Olatunji Ayobami on a whatsapp platform with the name “Let Justice Prevail”

I believe it will be worth it if I share his contribution with you, probably it might reduce the rate of ignorance among the youths and also alleviate the spread of rumor.

I would be needing your opinion at the end of this post, please endeavor to drop your comments, thank you.

What’s the linkage between COVID-19 and 5G network?

Okay, there’s actually this thing that we know as Electromagnetic (EM)

EM waves are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles and radiations from it move using channels like empty space, air and the rest of it.

This EM waves can be describe by 3 properties

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  • Frequency
  • Wavelength (Distance )
  • Photon energy

The Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency which means (the higher the frequency, the shorter the distance and vice versa)

On the other hand, Photon energy is directly proportional to Frequency

Since Gamma ray frequency range is the highest, same is also said of its Photon electron.

The EM spectrum can be put into 7 region

  • Radio Frequency
  • Microwave
  • Infrared
  • Visible light
  • Ultraviolet
  • X- ray and
  • Gamma ray

Basically for telecommunications we are using Radio frequency and microwave for communication.

The radio frequency was also divided into:

  • Extreme low
  • Super Low
  • Very Low
  • High
  • Ultra high
  • Super high and the likes  which are in the range of 3Khz to 30Ghz.

Remember I said the higher the frequency, the lower the distance and the lower the frequency the higher the distance.

Before going to 5G or so let us explain radio station since we are all familiar with it:

AM can travel farther than FM because AM is operating around 300Khz to 3Mhz that’s the range for its operation the frequency is small so it is expected to cover long distance while FM band is in Very high frequency (87.5 – 108.0Mhz), you will notice that the FM frequency is higher so it’s expected to cover less distance compare to AM.

Also for those who are familiar with some television you will see something like BCOS 28UHF, GALAXY 65VHF are as a result of their bands.

Since the above should have explained frequency a little, let us talk about the 2G to 5G

  • 2G is within 800- 1900Mhz
  • 3G is 2100Mhz

If you noticed, the frequency of 2G is smaller than that of 3G, that means 2G will cover more distance than 3G (provided all other things are equal) so 4G came with new dimension (Carrier aggregation) using from 800Mhz to 2.3Ghz or thereabout this also shows that 4G frequency is higher than that of 2G and 3G.

Checking those scenarios, you will see that 2G will cover more distance than 3G while 3G will be better than 4G in terms of distance coverage.

The incoming 5G is using frequency bands higher than the normal frequency, 5G will be using almost of Radio frequency and major part Microwave frequency.

If it’s for just enhance of data, like the reason for migration from 2G to 3G to 4G, the frequency range of 5G will be 450mhz to 6GHz, shorter distance compare to 4G too but 5G is offering more than that.

The designed is focused on ultras reliable and low latency communications (URLLC), massive machine-type communications (MMC), and fixed wireless access (FWA)

That’s where controlling of cars, light, microwave and almost all electronic using frequency comes in.

That’s why the frequency is around 24GHz to 60 to 80Ghz.

So checking through from the beginning and seeing the principle of High frequency short distance, you should understand the reason why installing antennas very close to each other is inevitable if there will be handover between them. 

On the issue of radiation

Like I said at the beginning there are two classifications of Radiation

  • Ionizing
  • Non- ionizing

Ionizing radiation (IR) are very dangerous to human, they have the power to break cells (gamma ray, x-ray)

Non- Ionizing radiation (NIR) has photon energies too weak to break atomic bonds in our body, although that doesn’t mean it can’t have other biological effects maybe like too much heat around us and d rest of it that can only be confirmed by Medical expert which I’m not but I know (5G is non – ionizing radiation)

Certainly draining our blood isn’t part of it and it can never transmit virus.

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Virus can only replicates only within the cell of living hosts, there’s no way it can be transmitted by antenna, it’s not possible.

Maybe (Microbiology or Biochemistry experts and the rest of the related professions can talk on virus)

The radiation fear is because we are gradually moving to a part of the spectrum that’s dangerous ionizing radiation, it’s expected that when you’re getting closer to fire, you will start feeling more heat than before, so the fear is expected but not as they are projecting it and there is Power control to mitigate the radiation of antennas.

It’s not as if 5G bands is new to communication, they are using it before (Satellite communication is in that range) WiFi is there and some Military communication systems are also using the band


So, we’ve come to the end of this discussion, as I said earlier, I’m not a physics nerd, but I strongly believe you will learn one or two things from this.

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What do you have to say? Do you disagree with anything here? Drop your comments and let the discussion start.

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