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The Truth About Making Money You Are Kept Away From Till Now

A 100% complete package that empowers ANYONE to start making money within few days


About 25 million youths are unemployed in Nigeria!

We have 134 polytechnics and 174 universities in Nigeria as from October, 2019.

The total of 308 degree awarding institutions (Universities + Polytechnics) have an enrollment of about 2 millions students and produce 600,000 graduates yearly (on average).

In the next five years, 1 million graduates may be added to the employment queues and unemployment market because of plans to register 300+ new private universities by the NUC.

This shows that the number of graduates is increasing yearly and only small percentage of them are getting jobs (Please try to read what is on this page to learn more).

What’s the future of we youths?

Does this mean after we are done spending 4 to 5 years in school, there won’t be any job despite much expectations from family and friends?

Many graduates are still liabilities to their parents.

Over three million applicants have enrolled for about 400,000 job spaces in the third batch of the Federal Government’s N-Power programme (Source: Punch).

The above news headline explained it all that youths are really desperate about getting jobs and satisfying the expectations of their family and friends.

Imagine getting the N-Power Job, how much is the salary? 30k!

N-Power salary for 12 months is not up to the amount you spent/will be spending in school (I’m not writing this against federal government tho).

What is the assurance that you will get a job after you’re done with your studies?

Yes! You need to study hard and graduate with great result, but what’s the assurance that after graduation, you will get job?

I’m not discouraging you from studying hard. But life isn’t always fair… Things will not always go as planned.

Certificate is great, but there is nothing as good as Sabificate.

You could study a course for 4 years without making much from it. But learning a skill within 1 month can fetch you thousands of naira (provided you have the right mentor to teach you how to go about it)

Do you know what pushed me into learning how I can make money and better my life? I was embarrassed because I was broke. This is how it went.

I was only having #1,070 in my account this faithful morning and I needed to get something to eat. I took my ATM card and went to a POS stand to withdraw the #1000.

Getting there, I met many people. Some pretty ladies joined and they were eagerly waiting for their turn.

It was my turn, I stressed the ATM card to the lady that is operating the POS. She asked me with her angelic voice… How much do you want to withdraw sir? And with charges right?

I was mute for a while (seriously, her beauty and voice caught my attention). A lady tapped me from the back and my senses returned

I murmured… Ehn, sorry. I want to withdraw just #1000 and the charges will be removed from the account.

The lady set for work and she was doing her job. I was smiling to the ladies around and it seems my calm and smiling face was working some magic already (they’ve started admiring me small small)

I looked back at the lady operating the POS and met with the greatest disappointment of my life .

She said: sir, your account is insufficient for this transaction.

What! Ah! Mogbe!🙆🏿‍♂️ Èmi big boy😭😭

Unknown to me, my bank has deducted #97 from my account😞. I felt embarrassed, those ladies looked at me pitifully 😪

While I was leaving, I heard one of them murmuring broke ass nigga 😫😫😫

This incident was the motivation I needed. I said to myself then that I will never allow anyone to pitifully look at me. I went to acquire skills. I spent my last penny to learn things.

I learnt how to convert my android phone to an ATM machine. How? By learning high income skills that pay bills.

With the skills, I’ve never made below 200k in a month.

Can an extra #200,000 a month help improve your lifestyle?

If that is the case, stop risking all your time, effort and money. Let me coach and mentor you till you start making more than #200,000 monthly.

Incidentally, here are the proofs from my students that justify why I’m qualified to coach and mentor you:

These pictures are from my current class in the Poverty Alienation College, an online class that exclusively teaches you how to make money online through skills (Sabificate).

It starts on September 10th till October 10th.

You will be learning all of the below skills;

  • Web Designing without coding (worth is #10,000)
  • Copywriting (worth is #5,000)
  • Upwork Accounts Approving (worth is #10,000)
  • Digital Products Creation (worth is #3,000)
  • PayPal Accounts Creation (worth is #10,000)
  • ABC of information marketing (worth is #4,000)
  • Instagram marketing and promotion (worth is #5,000)
  • Facebook Ads (worth is #3,000)
  • Fiverr and Upwork top secrets to make sales (worth is #3,000)
  • Psychology behind selling (worth is #2,000)
  • Access to 200+ premium eBooks on Sales, personal development and how to make money online
  • You will be thoroughly guided and mentored till you start making 200k or more monthly.

What do you need to join the class? Yes! One time payment of #5,000. (If just #5,000 could lead you to making over 200k monthly, then what is your excuse?).

Imagine getting more than 200k in your account every month, buying the phone you desire, saving out of it to start small business. Sabificate is just the best!

You won’t be employed by anybody. You don’t have to be going to work from 9am to 3pm . You will enjoy your own freedom and work at your own pace. Only your phone will become your ATM machine

#30,000 (NPower) salary will become something that you dash out to people. You can still enjoy your financial freedom.

Many of my students borrowed money to attend my classes, because they trust me that they will earn their money back in my class and they did.

The class starts in September 10th, 2020. It is exclusively for the first 20 people who are enthusiastically interested in making money through digital skills.

Any student that makes full payment before Monday will be mentored on a skills till he or she makes 40k within 5 days. This means, if you borrow money to join the class you will make it back within 5 days

I am so completely convinced that this is the best investment you could ever
make for yourself that I guarantee if you stick with me in the full 1 month and follow my guide and instructions. I am going to take all the risk away from you, at this
very moment. I will even go so far as to say that if you are not able to make money. I will refund you and also add a written apology letter to it.

To join, pay your #5,000 through this link or 0573042273, Azeez W Abidemi, GTbank.

Send proof of payment through here or call 2347033748014

If you leave this page I guarantee someone else will take your spot… Procrastination kills potentials, you might not get this opportunity again! The slot will soon be filled up. Even if you’re very broke. Chat me up and let’s talk, I’m more concerned with helping you.

Act now, and let me help you make money and enjoy the
life of your dreams!

Crafted by PhilomathTWM

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