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TIN (About And How It Works)

Tipsmint Influencers Network (TIN)

Turning networds to networths

TIN is a social media AdSense that allows you to earn like a blogger without owning a blog.

On TIN, the main activity you have to perform is to share our blog posts to your social media handle (WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook) for people to read. Our posts is primarily focused on “How-To” which is set to teach people how to do things at home (DIY).

How To Make Money On TIN

You can make money on TIN through two ways which are;

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)

=> Cost Per Click (CPC): This means you can earn between #1 to #10 for every click on the post you share to your social media handles. The amount (cost) to earn for a click (per click) largely depend on the amount set for CPC.

=> Cost Per Lead (CPL): CPL works more like automated referrals, this mean you stand to make #200 on every signup through your clicks.

A Practical Example Of How You Earn

Mr Philo is sharing 5 posts in a day, if he has up to 200 clicks on each post and CPC is at #5 , he will be making 200 x 5 x #5 which equals #5,000 in a day. If he’s making #5,000 in a day, he will be making #150,000 in a month from CPC alone.

Everybody that visits our site to read our posts through him will see our ads and if they should subscribe to TIN, he will get #200 per subscription. If 100 people subscribed to TIN through him (without him knowing), his dashboard will be credited with #200 x 100 = #20,000.

This mean he will be making a sum of #170,000 in a month (This is just an example based on assumptions, you can make more or less , CPC should also be considered)

How sweet will it be to be helping people with tutorials and also getting paid for it? read that again.

How To Withdraw

Withdrawing on TIN is very easy. Withdrawal is twice in a month, on the 15th and 30th of every month. The only condition for withdrawal is minimum balance of #5,000. This means that you must have a minimum balance of #5,000 on your account before we can pay. As long as your balance is more than #5,000 we will automatically credit your account.

What Can Make You Loose Your Earnings

We frown against dishonesty, you might loose your hard earning if;

  • You click on your own link yourself or use some random software to generate invalid traffics through your link (After withdrawal request has been placed, we will go through your account and verify your clicks and the amount of time those clicks spent reading content on our blog. If we discover fraudulent activities, you will loose your account and your earnings).

Now, you have known what TIN is all about, ready to subscribe? Read below

How To Register

Subscription to TIN is a payment of #1500 which expires every 30 days. This means you will have to be subscribing every month with #1500.

To subscribe, visit our site homepage and click on register or click here to get to the page directly. On the registration page, fill your name, email address and your desired username. Type a coupon code if you have one or contact one of our coupon vendors to purchase a coupon at the price of #1,500.

Two mails will be sent to you, a welcoming email and a link to set your login password (make sure you provide email that is accessible by you)

Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible if you get locked out of your account because you provided a wrong email address.

After successful registration, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you will see an error message about wrong payment services. In the dashboard menu, click on profile and choose payment profile, then carefully fill your bank details (where your earnings will be paid to) and save it.

How To Share Post

Login to your account and go to the post you want to share. At the header of the page, you will see the below.

Click on the circled icon and you will see the link for the page. Copy the link and share it to your social media handle with the title of the post and whatever you wish to add. Repeat the same thing for other posts.

How To Refer

To refer anybody to the program, click on any post and share the post to the person you want to refer, tell them to click on the post and click on register at the top of the page. They will be needing coupon code before they can do the registration.


  • Earning on TIN requires a monthly subscription of #1500
  • You can make money from CPC or CPL
  • CPC varies while CPL (referral) is #200
  • Referral is not compulsory but recommendable
  • You will make money from CPL without even referring anybody
  • You will be making money by sharing DIY tutorials to people, you will be praised by people and paid by us
  • You can share to WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, nairaland or anywhere our software will detect every clicks on your shared posts
  • The more posts you share, the better your chance of earning
  • CPC can be between ₦1 to ₦10

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